Odessa Separator

Down-hole filtration control, gas separation and chemical treatment of your oil well.

Sand control –
  • Tubing Screen is made up of a specialized wire, wrapped around a perforated J-55 tubing. The wire spacing can be selected from 450 micron up to 0.125 inch depending on sand size.
  • Pump Guard
  • Bypass Valve
  • Vortex Sand Shield
Gas Separation –
  • Slotted Gas Shield is made up of diffused intake port which minimizes gas from entering the separator and large body annulus for reducing fluid velocity allowing for gas separation.
  • Gas Shield
  • Gas & Sand Shield
  • Super Gas ShieldODESSA SEP IMAGE 2
  • Dual body Gas Shield
Chemical Treatment –
  • Chemical Screen: Installed below the downhole pump or packer to reduce incoming problems before they enter the tubing.
    • Reduces paraffin, scale and corrosion
    • Refillable tool design ODESSA SEP IMAGE 3
Well Data Sheet