Power-Flow represents a long list of major manufacturers for replacement parts and accessories related to Artificial Lift Systems and Reciprocating / High-pressure Pumps.

If it’s not listed on this website, chances are we can still find what you need for your next project, to satisfy your deadline and your budget.

Arrow EnginesArrow Compressionlogo

Arrow Engine

  • Natural Gas Engines – 1/2 cyl slow speed & 4/6 cyl hi-speed
  • Natural Gas Compressors
  • Natural Gas Gensets
  • Chemical Injection pumps


  • API Spec 11B Sucker rods
  • Pony rods
  • Sinker bars
  • Pup joints
  • Sucker rod Couplings


Precision Pump

  • API Spec 11AX pumps & parts
  • Gas Separators, Tubing Anchor Catcher & Swedge Nipples
  • In-Housing plunger manufacturing

Kerr Pumps

Kerr Pump Company

  • Plunger & piston pumps / parts
  • Horsepower ratings to 450
  • API-674 Pump with Bolt-on Reducers

Weatherford Pumping Units

Weatherford Pump

  • Reciprocation production pumps 5 to 700 horsepower
  • Mud pumps 300 to 3000 horsepower
  • Well Servicing pumps to 550 HP


  • American made Pumping Units
  • API sizes 57 to 912
  • Replacement parts for most makes

Oilfield Improvements, Inc.

Oilfield Improvement

  • Field installed sucker rod guides
  • Wheeled rod guides
 WSI Wellhead Systems Inc.

Wellhead Systems, Inc.

  • Casing/tubing hangers
  • BOP, Stuffing Boxes & Rod Rot.
  • Flow tees & polished rod clamps

Ratigan and Skinner

  • Stuffing boxes & Cone Packing
  • Blow-out preventer (BOP)
  • Pumping Tee’s & Rod Oilers

Double E

Double E

  • Special BOPs – Patented Ram System
  • Rod guides: Snap-on & Hammer-on
  • Custom LP-15 stuffing boxes
APAC Rubber

APAC Rubber

  • Double Packed Stuffing Boxes
  • Blow-Out Preventer (BOP)
  • High-temp (700F) cone packing
  • Polished Rod Clamps



  • Downhole pump tools
  • Downhole wrenches
  • Downhole tongs & vises
  • Pump benches and stands

Jensen Oilfield Equipment


  • Pump units from size 16-80
  • Larger pump units available on request

Odessa Separators

  • Downhole Filters and screens for sand removal, wax, scale, corrosion and gas separation
  • Coal fines and abrasives for ESP, PCP, insert & rod pumps

CEMCO Valves

CEMCO Valves

  • Diaphragm, back pressure, safety relief, throttle control, choke, globe, metering, wafer and dump valves up to 6″

PRL Manufacturing

  • Polished Rods – Piston Steel, Chrome Alloy, 431 SS & Spray metal surfaced
  • Rod Liner, Bronze
  • Liner Heads