US Rod

US Rod products are manufactured in accordance with the following quality certifications:

  • API License 11B – 0179
  • ISO – 9001:2000 QMS – 0746
  • API Specification Q1 Q1 – 0485
  • ISO/TS 29001 TS – 0300

Sucker Rods

Provided in 5/8 through 1 1/8″ diameters in 25′ and 30′ lengths.

Rod Type







C Carbon – medium strength API C 90/115 107
CD Carbon – high strength API Carbon D 115/140 99
DA Medium alloy – high strength API Alloy D 115/140 100
DS/KD High alloy – high strength & high alloy 115/140 105
HA High alloy – extra high strength 140/150 103
HS High alloy -ultra high strength 140/150 90

Pony Rods

Available in all sucker rod grades to provide a complete, compatible rod string in 2 through 12′ lengths.

Polished Rods

Centerless ground for consistent finish and diameter, polished rods are available as API Grade 1, micro alloy steel (AISI 1045) or API Grade 2, chrome alloy (AISI 4140), options for spray metal coated. Other special alloy’s are available, including stainless steel and N50. Provided in diameters of 1-1/8 through 1-3/4″ with lengths from 8′ to 46′.

Sucker Rods & Polished Rod Couplings

Box-by-box API type T, or spray metal couplings, are available in pin sizes 5/8 through 1-1/8″ in full size or slim-hole diameters.

Sub-couplings are available for connecting polished rods or tapered rod strings.

Sinker Bars

Sinker bars with elevator necks and wrench flats are available in 1-1/4 through 2″ diameters in 20 and 25′ lengths. Grade 1 bars with AISI 1045M, Grade 2 bars in 4140M or Grade ‘K” in 4623M material.

Molded on Rod Guides

Molded on guides in Amodel, Ryton and Nylon.  For 2-3/8″, 2-7/8″ and 3-1/2″ tubing.  From 1 to 8 guides per rod in straight or slanted design.

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