Wellhead Systems, Inc.

wellhead stuffing boxes
Type 92 Casing Head                                       Type R Tubing Head

Specializing in providing high quality independent wellhead equipment per API 11IW and API 5B

  • New Model “EE” BOP, Fully Interchangeable
    • Model WP-LP Rated for 1500 psi
    • Model WP-6 Rated to 3000 psi
  • Wellheads interchangeable with Larkin style, Tubing heads & Casing heads
    • Tubing Heads – X, K, R & 612
    • Casing Heads – 75 & 92
  • Wellheads interchangeable with Huber style, Tubing heads & Casing heads
    • Tubing Heads – HHS, LM-55, HFC, HB & A-7
    • Casing Heads – CE & ECA
  • Wellheads interchangeable with Hinderliter style, Tubing heads & Casing heads
    • Tubing Heads – S, MS, SW & HW
    • Casing Heads – MSR
  • Production Stuffing Boxes: Single and double packed, Tee-based, inverted, wheel, Skinner & Huber type jack boxes.
  • Flow & Pumping Tees: 1500 & 3000 psig rated, 2, 2-1/2” & 3” with pipe thread bleeder connection.
  • Polished rod clamps: 10S, 10D, 10T, 25S and 40D designs.
  • Production Blowout Preventers (BOP): Huber, Ratigan and Heavy Duty patented dual ram 2-9/16” flanged styles.
  • Rod Rotator: 13K, 33K, 40K load rating and the New Pro-Torque with one way bearing and helical gear design.
  • Polished rod lubricator with one quart reservoir capacity, available for all polished rod sizes.
  • Cone and V-ring Style stuffing box packings:  Rubber, Teflon, Brass filled, HSN and NEW Super Life 575 Polymer.

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