Precision Pump


Precision Pump has been supplying the onshore oil & gas production market since 1975.

API-11AX Certified.

Barrels in chrome surface steel, CRX plating, nickel carbide and hardened & honed.

Plungers in spray metal surface, chromed, 316 SS and grooved body.Metal Plungers

    Plungers for both insert and tubing pumps. Precision ground on the OD, our plungers meet all API specifications. Available in pin-end and box-end. Pins are available in monel, stainless steel, alloy, and other materials as requested.
    Spray metal plungers are recommended for severe corrosion and abrasive conditions. Our precision tubes are ground on the OD and flame sprayed with a nickel base alloy powder containing chromium, boron and silicon to create a hard coating (Rc 58/62). Available with different pins and also box end plungers for tubing pumps.
    Chrome plungers have a hard chrome plate (Rc 70) that are resistant to abrasion where corrosion is not a factor. Available in all sizes with box end plungers for tubing pumps. 
    Available in both spray metal and chrome plated.
    Soft Packed Cup & Ring Discpack Rings Pressure Actuated Ring Phenolic Ring Lubripump Plunger Special design’s upon request

Balls and seats available in all materials.

Balls and Seats

  • STAINLESS STEEL– ball and seat are made from a series 400C stainless steel and are oil quenched and tempered to develop good abrasion and moderate corrosion resistant properties.
  • TITANIUM CARBIDE-a powdered metal material, not a cast material as found in alloy, this ball is homogeneous throughout, the outside skin is the same as its core, one of the reasons it earns a Rockwell hardness rating of 90. Titanium has more abrasion resistance, will not deform, and has better pitting resistance than alloy.
  • TUNGSTEN CARBIDE-excellent abrasion and corrosion resistant properties, carbide balls and seats are recommended for the most abrasive fluids.
  • ZIRCONIA-made from partially stabilized Zirconia, valued for its unique properties of inertness, high temperature stability, strength and toughness. Corrosion and impact resistant.
  • SILICON NITRIDE (DURABALL)-Si3N4 is light, hard and has low thermal expansion coefficient. It has high mechanical strength, fracture toughness, and it is resistant to deformation. Particularly resistant to corrosion and abrasion.
  • NICKEL CARBIDE-nickel binder material is advantageous when both corrosion and wear resistance are required. This material suited for more impact when compared to other Nickel grades.
  • ALLOY– non-ferrous, non-magnetic cobalt-chromium tungsten alloy in which very hard, microscopic carbides are uniformly distributed in a tough, shock resistant matrix. The result is a ball and seal with exceptional resistance to both abrasion and corrosion

On–off tools, sheer tools, inserted guide cages.
Gas separator, swedge pipe and tubing.