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Polished Rod


Piston Steel Alloy Steel Stainless Steel Spray Metal Hard Faced High-Power N50 Mega-Bar
Piston Steel is manufactured from a special quality medium carbon steel (1045) and designed for light to heavy loads where well fluids are non-corrosive. This polished rod has a minimum tensile strength of 100,000 PSI and is the best choice for heavy pumping applications where corrosion is not a problem.
Alloy Steel is manufactured from a chromium-molybdenum alloy steel (4140) and designed for light to heavy loads at any depth in mild to medium corrosive well fluids that are effectively inhibited against corrosion. This polished rod has a minimum tensile strength of 125,000 PSI and has been alloyed to improve its hardenability and increase its resistance to corrosion and abrasion.
Stainless Steel is manufactured from Type 431 High Strength stainless steel. This polished rod has a minimum tensile strength of 115,000 PSI and has the best corrosion resistance properties when compared to 1045 or 4140 alloy rods.  It has excellent tensile and torque strength and good toughness, making it ideally suited for progressing cavity pump application. This grade exhibits excellent resistance to a wide variety of corrosive media including salt water. It is designed for any loads at any depth where corrosion is a problem.
The Hard surfaced polished rod is made from cold finished 1045 carbon steel with a hard faced surface applied to the O.D. It is recommended for abrasive and corrosive conditions under moderate to heavy loads. This polished rod has the best corrosion and abrasion resistance of ANY in the industry.
High-Power N50 stainless steel polished rod is designed to solve your most serious corrosion problems. This rod conforms to NACE MRO175-90 standards for the high-strength unannealed bar. This polished rod has a minimum tensile strength of 135,000 PSI, excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties superior to anything on the market.
Mega-Bar is a high molybdenum special stainless steel with twice the nickel content of our N50 Polished Rod. This Polished Rod provides excellent resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion and stress cracking.  Mega-Bar has a minimum tensile strength of 121,000 PSI, elongation of 36% and a proven record of outstanding performance.
Piston Steel Chrome Molly Stainless Steel N50 Spray Metal Coating
Raw Materials: C1045 Carbon A4140 431 N50 Nickel Base Alloy
Chemical Analysis:
Carbon C .41-.49 .38-.43 .20 max .06 max .050-1.00
Manganese Mn .60-.87 .75-1.00 1.00 max 4.00-6.00
Phosphorous P .04 max .035 max .040 max .00-.02
Sulfur S .05 max .040 max .030 max .00-.02
Chromium Cr .80-1.10 15.00-17.00 20.50-23.50 12.00-18.00
Silicon Si .15-.35 1.00 max 1.00 max 3.50-5.50
Iron Fe balance balance 3.00-5.50
Boron B 2.50-4.50
Cobalt Co .00-.10
Nickel Ni 1.25-2.50 11.50-13.50 79.00-66.00
Copper Cu
Nitrogen N .20-.40
Molybdenum Mo .15-.25 1.50-3.00
API  11B(12.2) Tensile: 90K-120K 95K-160K 120K min. 135K min. 90K–120K