Design & Engineering

Power-Flow’s Design and Engineering:

  • Reciprocating and centrifugal pump sizing and selection
  • Complete pumping system engineering, design, fabrication, unitization, installation supervision, and start-up services
  • API prime mover sizing for sucker rod pumping unit applications, slow speed gas engines, multi-cylinder engines and electric motors
  • API sucker rod string design
  • Sucker rod pumping unit sizing
  • Downhole pump sizing and selection
  • Operation, maintenance and overhaul training for arrow slow speed gas engines.
  • Rebuilt gearboxes and steam turbines

Design and Engineering Reciprocating Pump Packages

Reciprocating Pump Packages

Power-Flow designs, engineers, and assembles reciprocating pump systems.  These pump packages are high-pressure systems that typically perform at 1000 psi and higher.

Our reciprocating pumps are built to application specs, including but not limited to pressure requirements and gallons-per-minute rates.

Start-up and Commissioning Service

We can service your design package in the field, and offer engineer-assisted start-up and commissioning services.

Our pump systems are fully warranted but, we also help assist in warranty matters on pump systems sold through our manufacturers.

Whether you have to pump crude oil transfer; water injection/re-injection applications; pumping acid, and other industrial uses – we can help.

We operate from our U.S., Houston, Texas-based sales office and warehouse to all points outside of our borders.